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Thank you for visiting Triple Comma Picks. We enjoy meeting our customers needs and delivering great customer service. If you have any questions please reach out to us at We are excited you are ready to take the next step and start crushing it with our picks. Start winning and build your dream lifestyle with @triplecomma. 

Straight wager, no point spreads.

  • What are the best money management practices?
    The most common mistake with sports investors is money management. Money management ensures that your bankroll can withstand a bad day or week. This can happen to anyone, and if they tell you different they are full of it. It is similar to a diversified portfolio. The problem with most novice bettors is that they will invest the majority of their money (25% or greater) on one game, on any given day or night. If they lose they will usually chase by doubling up their investment and even going "all in". This is something that you NEVER want to do in your goal at being a winning sports investor. Ideally, a bettor never wants to have OVER 5% of their investment bankroll committed on one game. This ensures your investment gets a large enough sample size where you will see correlated results using a great handicapper like you find at ​ Investments here are found on one scale, the most accurate scale for a winning sports investor, with @TripleComma, all plays are between 1u*(Unit) to 5u*(Units). This would mean that a minimum investment would be 1u*, meaning an "average" investment on any given event. In turn, a 5u* bet would be a MAX investment, meaning your largest investment on any given event. Online you will often see people with huge unit scales, anyone who uses a scale of 50u* to 100u* is just unrealistic.
  • How do I receive my picks?
    Plays are sent daily by email. During the week plays will be sent around 5 pm. On the weekend, around 11 am depending on the sports season.
  • How does individual monthly packages work?
    You will receieved picks based on a 30 day time frame. If you purchase a 30 day package on Nov 1st, you will recieve picks through the 30th.
  • How does the 12 Month Plan packages work?
    In order to get the best value for you money, we offer a recurring subscription to triple comma picks. You will recieve all our picks each day. You will be billed on a recurring basis. If you commit to 12 months, there are no refunds or cancellations accepted. If you do not want the subscription service, please select an individual package.
  • Do you accept Venmo?
    Yes, @TripleComma Please add your email and name.
  • What if I have questions?
    We are accessible throughout the day via DM on Twitter, or via Email at

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